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Goddess Fish Promotions March 2023 Tour Host letter: News and Amazon GC Prizes inside!

To all our awesome hosts!

Thank you for all your AMAZING help this past month!!!  We couldn’t do what we do without you, and we want to make sure you know how much you matter to us!

We’re in the midst of slowly updating our website, etc., and have had our logo touched up a bit, so created a new host banner.  If you’d like to update it on your blog, you can either save this image:

Goddess Fish Promotions

Or copy/paste this code:

<div align=”center”><a href=”” title=”Goddess Fish Promotions”><img src=”” alt=”Goddess Fish Promotions” style=”border:none;” /></a></div>

One last thing re: reviews on our tours.  Three star reviews are fine to post IF (and this is important) the review highlights about 50% positive things from the book.  We’ve been seeing a number of 3 star reviews that basically say all negative things, but end with something like “a good book worth reading”, which really isn’t enough to justify a three star rating.  Take a look at your review and see if you honestly thought it was actually worth recommending and if you said about 50% positive things.  We consider a three star to be this:

Good. Mostly enjoyable. You made it through and didn’t consider it a waste of time or money. The story was strong enough or the conflict tight enough, so even when the book faltered, it was able to draw you back in and keep you. There’s a chance you’ll recommend it to a friend, but it wouldn’t go on your keeper shelf.”

And lastly, as always, we are in desperate need more tour hosts.  If you know any blogger friends, PLEASE have them come partner with us! Here is the link for them to complete:

Please remember and be assured, lines of communication are open with us.  Any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns? We welcome them all!

And now, without further ado, here are all the contests we’re hosting AND all the winners from last month.


NOTE: Any of these marked “urgent” – will get you double entries in the contest.  Everyone who volunteers for one of the review only tours below will be put into a drawing for a $10 Amazon GC and two $5 Amazon GCs. NOTE: If you’re already a reviewer on any of these tours, thank you! You will also be entered into this drawing.

Here are the winners from the last host letter:

$5 Amazon GC:  Moonlight Compass Books – FROM UNDER A ROCK

$5 Amazon GC: Beverley A Baird – SO CLOSE TO HEAVEN

$10 Amazon GC:  The Faerie Review – PROPHETIC DREAMS

As always don’t forget, you can VOLUNTEER for tours that meet your needs, either by subscribing to the Goddess Fish Promotions tour blog to see new tour postings as they are posted (never miss a new tour!), following the RSS feed or just by checking the top where we link all the open tours.

And, one last reminder before I announce this month’s contest winners: all winners below must CLAIM their prizes.  If you win, you’ll need to email us and claim the prize or you won’t get your winnings. To claim your prize – please email us at with “HOST PRIZE WINNER” in the subject, and your name, the prize you won and the tour it was for in the body. DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE as it might be overlooked.  You have one week from the date of this email to claim your prize or it is forfeit.

All hosts of any February tour earned entries in the contests below.  The winners are:

$10 Amazon GC: Fabulous and Brunette — SANCTUARY ON VICTORIA ISLAND

$10 Amazon GC: Maggie Blackbird – MERINGUE SNOWFLAKE MAGIC

$10 Amazon GC: Read Your Writes Book Reviews – MURDER AT THE ZOO

All hosts who sent in direct URLs since the last host letter for their tours at least a week early earned entries in the next contest.  The winner is:

$10 Amazon GC:  the Pen and Muse Book Reviews – THE KEY TO CIRCUS-MOM HIGHWAY

Remember, you need to claim your prizes!

Contests next month will be the same as this month.

Here are the tours that need filling (remember, you can get emails to notify you when we post new tours by signing up here, or simply check the very top of the blog for open tours):


Tours with Openings

Any questions, comments, thoughts, suggestions?  Email us!  We appreciate you.

Marianne and Judy



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